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What Must I Do To Be Saved

Pathfinder Week of Prayer 2022

December 4-10, 2022

Join the Pathfinders as they lead a week of prayer and blessings!

December 4-10, 2022

Don’t miss it!

Video Archive

01 Airdrie Ignite Pathfinders

Sunday, December 4

02 Warriors Pathfinder Club

Monday, December 5

What Must I Do to be Saved

03 Red Deer Hawks Pathfinders

Tuesday, December 6

04 Mountaineers Pathfinder Club

Wednesday, December 7

05 Bridgeland Cimarrons Pathfinders

Thursday, December 8

06 Knights of God Pathfinder Club

Friday, December 9

07.1 Bridgeland Cimarrons and Silver Jets

Saturday, December 10

07.2 Woodland Bison Pathfinder Club

Saturday, December 10

07.3 Red Deer Hawks Pathfinders

Saturday, December 10

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