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Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

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Course Information

The Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Curriculum is designed to develop an awareness in leaders of the fundamentals of the Pathfinder Club and to help the Pathfinder Club staff become familiar with the procedures, policies, and resources necessary to start and maintain a Pathfinder Club Ministry.

It is not intended that participants will learn how to teach Pathfinders, but rather those basic elements of information necessary for any Pathfinder staff member or leader to fulfill his or her duties in the club. This course is also a prerequisite for the Pathfinder Director, Instructor, and Treasure/Secretary Certifications.

Certification Prerequisites

  1. Commit to the Youth/Children’s Ministry Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  2. Be currently approved by the Local Church/Conference volunteer screening guidelines.

Recognition of Completion

Everyone likes to have their efforts recognized. Youth leaders who put in untold prayer, planning, counseling, and training hours are no exception.

Upon completion of the EIGHT required workshops, ONLY Participants within the Alberta Conference are eligible to receive an enameled pin and certificate of completion.

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